We are the Browns: DJ, Lauren, Li’l E and Li’l S, and we live in a little patch of paradise in the middle of the sagebrush. The goal is to see if we can eek out a living while raising our kids in the rural country that we feel lucky to wake up to each day.

Living miles down a gravel road with the nearest town at least a 40-minute drive away presents some challenges. We totally admit we are learning as we go. Everything is a little bit wilder and dustier in this rural place, but it certainly has its charm as well.

Lauren’s first job out of college was in Astoria, where she watched ships sail the mighty Columbia from her tiny third story apartment and DJ worked at a seafood distributing company. We see quite a few parallels between ships navigating an unpredictable ocean and our life amongst the expansive sea of alkali and greasewood we call home.

Back in the day when people were using the Oregon Trail to explore and settle new territory, covered wagons were called prairie schooners.

So in the spirit of adventure and discovery we’ve called our blog the Desert Schooner. Take a deep breath with us and experience the high desert. There will be highs and there will be lows. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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