Last gasp of summer

Fall truly is just around the corner. This morning I felt that autumnal chill, which is both welcome and unwelcome. I love the change of seasons, but I’m not quite ready to let go of tank tops and summer’s warm embrace. I love crisp, frosty mornings, but I dislike having to don multiple layers to go outside. I love the beginning of the school year with its new supplies and new year optimism, but I miss the long lazy days of summer when a meandering walk was all we had on our to-do list. These are the gasps of summer.

Throwing rocks in the creek: one of our favorite pastimes.
We had a really good pepper crop this year. These jalapenos are especially tasty.
DJ loves the hot peppers, so these habaneros are right in his wheelhouse.
We have pumpkins this year! Plural, as in exactly two.
We’ve had a good tomato crop this year. These purple Russian romas are especially tasty.
Cherry tomatoes are as sweet as candy.
This tomato tart is an especially good way to utilize a surplus of cherry tomatoes.
We’ve seen a few snakes this year, thankfully only one rattler. I much prefer the non-venomous kind, like this guy.
The boys are attempting to build a fort in the garden. We’ve got at little space cleared out. E wants to put a bed in there.
Summer we love you.
Until next year.


5 thoughts on “Last gasp of summer

  1. We’re feeling the changes down here too – and like you it’s a mixed feeling. Here’s to the next season! The garden looks amazing!!

  2. Ahhhhhhh!! What a great post– the pics are amazing! The veggies, the boys, the landscape, and your words touch this warm-weather girl’s heart!! Miss and love y’all so much.

  3. Two pumpkins is perfection!! The color and feeling of summer you have captured so eloquently. Time marches on. I try to revel in the moment as my time marches on.

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