Walking in a winter hinterland

The last few weeks have been testing my love of snow and winter. At the age of 37 I think I understand why birds and retired people head south when winter descends. Our normally barren, vast landscape has turned from brown to white with temperatures plunging as low as -15. The change of seasons allows for a whole new wardrobe of scarves, hats and layers, but I’m sick to death of my snow boots and would welcome a day in which I could leave my warm, quilted jacket at home.

As the snow slowly melts, it compresses into ice, leaving me “skating” from the house to the dog kennel and from the deck to the car. I can’t count the number of times I’ve caught myself from taking a nasty tumble or fishtailing on the county road despite having 4-wheel drive and going no faster than 25 miles per hour. DJ and I have a standing bet on when the last of the snow will melt. I took March 3 and he took Feb. 21. I’m desperately rooting for him to win that one (but I fear we both may be grossly optimistic). It feels like we’ve had a winter’s worth of snow and according to the calendar, it’s no where near over yet. With that said, the weather has created some breathtaking scenery. So let’s focus on the positive, shall we? Like how much better hot chocolate tastes when you come inside after hours of snow play. Or the fun of building a snowman with a 4-year-old. Or the thrill of holding onto an inner tube being pulled by a ATV. Also, check out these shots courtesy of the lovely weather:

2017 winter 01
We’ve noticed the jack rabbits come out in abundance when the temperatures dip below zero. I counted as many as 11 nibbling on any sort of vegetation sticking out of the snow in the field near our house.


2017 winter 03
Freezing fog covers everything in a layer of ice crystals including this chain on our swing.


2017 winter 02
Just off our deck a ring-necked pheasant searches for something to eat.


2017 winter 05
Li’l E and a snowman sans face, arms or hat.


2017 winter 04
The sunset at my in-laws’ place.


2017 winter 08
Frozen fog builds up on the chain link fence.


2017 winter 06
Thumper’s paw leaves a heat imprint on the deck.


2017 winter 11
Li’l E and Li’l S on the toboggan.


2017 winter 09
Mom gets in on the sledding fun.

6 thoughts on “Walking in a winter hinterland

  1. You picture the winter “Blues” beautifully! It has been a winter for the books all over the state. Hang on, soon there will be the inklings of spring popping up here and there…..

  2. Fantastic pics!! I hear ya on ‘flying south’ for the winter, but it sure looks like you’re making the best of it!! Miss you and your crew a ton and will keep my fingers crossed for a early spring!!!!

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